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Why would you ask that? Are you associated in any way with St. Margarets? No. Then: What do you mean associated? Loren kept going, not wanting to lose the buy cheap nhl jerseys china rhythm. Do you know anybody attending the school? St. Margarets? No, I dont think so. Do you know any of the teachers there? buy cheap nhl jerseys on sale I dont think so. How about Sister Mary Rose? Who? Do you know any of the nuns at St. Margarets? No. I know several at St. Phils, but no Sister Mary Rose. So the name Sister Mary Rose means nothing to you? Nothing at all. What is this about? Loren kept her eyes on the womans face, searching for a mythical tell. Nothing was showing up, but that didnt mean much. Do you and your children live here alone? Yes. Well, Kyra has a room above the garage, but shes from out of state. buy cheap nhl jerseys But she lives here? She rents a room and helps out. Shes taking classes at William Paterson University. Are you divorced? A widow. Something in the way Marsha Hunter said it made a piece or two tumble into place. Not all of them by any means. Not even enough yet. Loren almost kicked herself. She should have done some background work.Marsha crossed her arms. What is this about anyway? A Sister Mary Rose recently passed away. And she worked at this school? Yes, she was a teacher. At St. Margarets. I still dont see how When we were going through the phone logs, we found a call shed made that we couldnt quite explain. She called here? Yes. Marsha Hunter looked perplexed. When? Three weeks ago. June second to be exact. Marsha shook her head. It could have been a wrong number. For six minutes? That made Marsha pause. What day again? June second. Eight P.M. I can check my calendar, if youd like. Id like that very much, thank you. Its upstairs. Ill be right back. But Im sure none of us talked to this sister. None of us? Excuse me? You said, us. Who did you mean? I dont know. Anyone in the house, I guess. Loren didnt comment on that. Do you mind if I ask your babysitter a few questions? Marsha Hunter hesitated. I guess that wouldnt be a problem. She forced up a smile. But the boys will throw a fit if you use the word baby in front of them. Understood. Ill be right back. Loren headed through the kitchen toward the back door. She glanced out the window. Kyra was pitching underhand to Ethan. He swung wildly and missed. Kyra took a step in closer and bent lower and pitched again. This time, Ethan made contact.Loren turned away. She was almost at the back door when something made her pull up.The refrigerator.Loren wasnt married, didnt have kids, didnt grow up in one of those sweet happy homes, but if there was anything more Americana more family than the front of a refrigerator she did not know what it was. Her friends had refrigerators like this. She didnt, and she realized how pitiful that was. Loren had two cats and no real family, unless you wanted to count her melodramatic and self-involved mother.But in most American homes, if you wanted to find the personal, this your refrigerator front was where you looked. There was kid artwork. There were essays from school, all adorned with stars for mediocrity that passed for excellence. There were preprinted birthday invitations, one to a party at something called the Little Gym, the other to the East Hanover bowling alley. There were forms for class trips, child vaccinations, a soccer league.And, of course, there were family snapshots.Loren buy cheap nhl jerseys online had been an only child and no matter how often she saw them this magnetized swirl of smiles it always seemed slightly unreal to her, like she was watching a bad TV show or reading a corny greeting card.Loren stepped toward the photograph that had caught her eye. More pieces started to pour into place now.How could she have missed this?She should have put it together right away. Hunter. The name wasnt rare but it wasnt overly common either. Her eyes scanned the other pictures, but they kept coming back to the first one, the one on the left taken at what looked like a baseball game.

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